Presentation coaching

high-stakes communication

Very few C-suite executives have time to attend presentation training courses and most leaders are expected to already possess strong presentation skills.  However, many people at this level lack the honest feedback and precise development to get beyond a comfort zone of low to ordinary performance.

I help hone and polish important presentation behaviours in a time-sensitive, highly efficient, considered and straightforward way.  This proven approach gives a concentrated and focused means of development that has immediate results and long-lasting benefits.

What presentation coaching helps with:

Clarity and impact of the messaging.  You will get feedback on the explicit and implicit messages being communicated, and suggestions on how to create more of the impact you want.

Confidence.  Receiving independent feedback and targeted coaching is a great way to boost your confidence at the time you need it most. 

Control - both self-control and command of the audience's attention.  I help you show yourself at your best

Typical areas of rapid improvement in the delivery of a presentation:

Use of voice, pace, breathing, eye contact.

A conversational style, ease of movement and gestures.

Avoidance of distracting tics and filler language.

Interaction with visual aids, connection with the audience. 

250 chairs in the room, all were full and even people standing at the back... I actually got off stage thinking ‘yeah, I nailed that!’
— E.H., JavaScript engineer, machine learning & TensorFlow
Hilary has successfully developed presentational skills and techniques within the team allowing us to better deliver and explain our performance to the investor community. Her input has been instrumental in crafting our message and therefore allowing us to grow our business.
— Founding Partner, European PE firm
Thanks for the excellent insight and guidance last week. It was very much appreciated!
— CEO, international foods group