developing leaders for success

executive coaching for individuals


One-to-one development is ideal for managers, directors and professionals. I help leaders to move from being technical experts to becoming the agents of transformation.  Individual coaching and reflective space help executives increase their capacity for the strategic thinking, adaptable behaviours and advanced communication skills needed for more senior roles. 

As we look ahead to the 21st century, leaders will be those who empower others.
— Bill Gates, co-founder, Microsoft


Clients typically work with me in one -to-one engagements to:

  • Build and enhance work relationships, to achieve more impact and get more done through others.

  • Learn different approaches to influencing, whether through personal impact, gravitas and presence or via astute use of strategies based around skilled communication.

  • Understand themselves better and/or have others perceive them appropriately.

  • Negotiate and handle situations where there is conflict or challenge.

  • Communicate with clarity and connect compellingly, in daily or high-stakes situations.

  • Coach, empower, manage and inspire others, to create a performance culture.


I work flexibly to suit each person, whether their preference is for rehearsal, psychological awareness, structured discussion, simulations, reflection or use of tools.  As coaching can be a powerful catalyst or a development support, clients choose brief coaching or longer-term engagements to meet their need.  My approaches are based on many years of experience, accreditations, continuing professional development and professional supervision.  I care for each individual as a whole human being.


I value a partnering relationship with client organisations so I can add greater value to support their business objectives.  My business background helps create the important right 'fit' while my broad life experience can serve as a useful counter-point to overly corporate ways of thinking and behaving. I work in long-term relationships with organisations where possible.

Hilary’s helped a range of managers and leaders to step up and find the confidence, relationship skills and awareness that they needed. She’s brought fresh perspectives and insights, not only to the individuals but to the organisation as well.
— European Head of HR, financial services firm

1. Case Study 2017

John worked hard to earn promotion to Executive Director of his division.  Once there, he realised he did not yet have the confidence or the gravitas to be seen as an equal with his peers on the executive board.  He and I worked on his strategic thinking for policy and for influencing; re-framed his relationships; dealt with some limiting assumptions and soon enabled his own sense of identity to 'catch up' with his new status.  Within months, he was quietly, yet confidently challenging other board members to raise their game and he has been earning plaudits from the board and CEO for his role-modelling of senior leadership behaviour.

2. Case Study 2016-17

Chris was the lead on a major regulatory project for her firm.  A deadline, tight resources, high expectations, multiple stakeholders - she was right out of her comfort zone. 

We worked on strategies to get greater senior management endorsement and backing, to clarify roles and help people understand who is responsible for doing the work and who is accountable for the work being done.  We later covered stress management (herself and others), leveraging relationships, handling paradox, and taking time to step back and review to gain a fresh perspective. The deadline was reached, celebrations were held; Chris had succeeded beyond her expectations and the business was delighted with the outcome.

3. Case Study 2018

Frustrated and perplexed, T. couldn’t understand how to get people to collaborate and get things done. Conversations went nowhere but awry. His career horizon in the company looked narrow and quite possibly, short. Monthly coaching sessions helped T. to transform the quality of his work life. He shifted from a stance of needing to control and to gain specific credit to a new stance of influencing, contributing more widely and bringing strategic thinking to the senior leadership team. After some months, T. commented, “I have learnt to embrace me, the things I am good at and the areas I need to develop. But mostly all the things that really used to frustrate me I have managed to put them in a box somewhere, and I have learnt that they just consume energy and emotions that are not a worthwhile use of my time.” At the end of the coaching, his patience, calm and confidence were particularly remarked on.